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Discover the best of Greek fashion (again) at Fashion PR

Antwerp, February 2022 - Welcome back BSB! After a very short break, Fashion P.R. can once again welcome the Greek fashion brand BSB to its showroom. Perfect timing, because when you think of summer, you think of Greece, right? And when someone says Greece, we only hear BSB! Get your tzaziki and Uozo ready, and discover the SS22 collection now.

Youthful, modern clothing and accessories with an attitude. BSB offers quality products combined with cutting edge design for young women with style. Women who love fashion and feel attractive while enjoying their femininity.

The unquestionable quality of the final product, a result of the high standards set by BSB, combined with the design, flexibility of production and planning are the brand's fundamental elements of excellence.

For SS22, the Greek brand takes you into the Balkan way of life during the summer months. Hot days under the sun are spent in style thanks to BSB's comfortable and airy clothing. Carefree enjoyment of your time with your loved ones should be your only concern, not that one pair of shorts that sits uncomfortably on the scooter again. Or that one top that wears out in the wind during your boat trip on azure blue water.




PERS CONTACT (niet voor publicatie):

Fashion Club 70 - Fashion PR

Enya Torrez

Ijzerlaan 54 - 56

2060 Antwerpen

+32 3 221 10 10

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