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Where abundance meets restraint, there is beauty. Such is the ethos of Milanese

interiors, those storied homes built from impossibly grand displays of marble, wood,

glass, and bronze. And yet, the opulence is effortlessly soigné, as we found it upon

visiting Piero Portaluppi’s Villa Necchi Campiglio. Inside, bronze doors gleam against

endless sun-soaked windows, and rosewood walls find warmth amid expanses of

travertine marble. Even the palette is laid out in a way time will never argue with:

celadons and nutmegs, patinas and gingers.

For our Fall 2020 collection, we’ve echoed the color scheme in the softest

leathers, silks, cashmere, and wools. Marbles are evoked in the multi-layered wools

of cropped crewneck sweaters; woods are conjured in amber lucite ball buttons.

Our button-down takes a sensuous turn in light-catching silk and an elongated collar.

Close-to-the-skin knits follow the curve of the spine like a Gabriella Crespi heron.

Everything is so easily tucked within a hearty twill coat. For contrast, voluminous

plays of texture are tamed with precision: our shearling blazer is cut with a strict

edge, our mohair is knit into diaphanous lace. Rationalism need not be boring.

It’s just the right mix of sophisticated sprezzatura—a word first defined as

“a certain nonchalance” and “without effort” in 1528 in Baldassare Castiglione’s

Il Cortegiano—a term that could be used to describe the very mores of California

style as displayed in the John Lautner Hollywood Hills jewel box where this

lookbook was shot. Fall 2020 is defined by materials to luxuriate in, but like a

great house, these are clothes meant to be lived in for generations.

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