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Uptown Design @ 7 For All Mankind Brussels

“UPTOWN ART & DESIGN TOUR – The Brussels Limited Edition” starts its 7th edition and remains committed to offer a mix of trends in design and art that leads to a fusion of inspirations. The classic diktats and the artistic bubble are evolving with permeable borders. Following this new vibes, Kunty Moureau (founder) has teamed with Pascale Dedoncker, passionate expert in art & design, food lover and ambassador of the Asian culture, she will bring her personal expertise to enrich this special edition and to open new perspectives. “After leading a series of meetings between artists, designers and ambassadors’ boutiques, selecting works and objects, Kunty and I are eager to unveil our collaboration and hope that it will help strengthen the links between the city, its inhabitants and its visitors“.

” The letter X has always struck me as very interesting in terms of its design and the proportions it suggests. Moreover, it symbolizes the generation to which I belong. The morphology of the spider also seemed to me to be a beautiful source of inspiration to create contemporary furniture.

The combination of two materials, one more rustic and the other more modern, reveals an interesting synergy. On the one hand, I assembled laser-cut plates that I then welded together. I then ground, sanded and polished them. On the other hand, I cut four concave and four convex wooden shelves to fit between the steel legs. The choice of the series of shelves can be made by the customer. The wood of the shelves has been treated with oil. It is of European origin (ash, cherry or walnut).” M. Delhaye

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