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The latest Adv campaign that comes straight from the heart #BACKTOGETHER

A powerful, total, sincere change of perspective, that points straight to the heart. Above all, an immediate response to our need to get started again after the forced stop due to the pandemic. This is the message of Coccinelle's Spring-Summer 2022 advertising campaign, under the artistic direction of Giampaolo Sgura and Anna Dello Russo. Who choose a new approach to convey an urgent message of everyday beauty, genuine passions, and deep roots. Conceived as a film in two parts, Back Together and Arts and Crafts, the campaign draws inspiration from our neo-realism in the choice of faces: only real people, identified through street casting in the streets and piazzas of Puglia (Savelletri, Speziale, Lecce, Monopoli), the homeland of the pair of creative artists in the “director’s chair” and the epicentre of that skilled craftsmanship that provides the inspiration for Coccinelle’s latest collection. Thus, glossy fashion photos give way to the spontaneity of authentic snapshots, strictly without filters.

Part one, Back Together. Subtitled, Let’s Hug and Let’s Hug Tighter. Star players: just people who really love each other; no-one is acting, in a series of moments of happiness recorded for posterity as if in a family album. In place of colour, an emotional contemporary black-and-white; nothing is constructed, everything breathes, dances and moves in an embrace that wants to spread to infinity. The bond between mother and daughter, between a newly engaged couple, a mother and her baby, twin sisters, lifelong friends. Their hands clutch at or brush against the warm surface of a bag, caressing it. In a return to sensory qualities they had never forgotten. These are hands that have names: Giorgia and Simona, Uliana and her mother Eva, Valentina and her son Dario, Giada and Andrea, Alessio and Emanuela, Virginia and Francesco, Jiseon and Ndeye. Capable of getting hope and momentum started again, with their simple grammar of universal love.

This is now the most beautiful new start.

Part two, Arts and Crafts. Subtitled, Italian Excellence. Star players: a gallery of people who are proud of their lives, who came to the filming location wearing what they wear to work every day, as requested by Anna Dello Russo and Giampaolo Sgura, to welcome the iconic Cosima, Josephine and Coccinelle Beat bags in the shots. All entrusted to a visual idiom of natural gestures - a bag slung over the shoulder, worn at the waist, or across the body, and in all cases close to it - in an affectionate tribute to the products of Italian know-how. Sgura’s lens captures Nicola, an 83-year-old fisherman, in his oilcloth jacket and sailor’s cap, with his features sculpted by sun and salt air; Dina, the dairywomen in a white apron, an artist of making Mozzarella cheese; the chef Luciano, in his immaculate jacket; Sofija, a violinist with the Orchestra Magna Grecia; and Katia, with her inseparable camera for immortalising weddings and celebrations. Each of them brings their own sincerity and dedication to their work. Concrete, true sentiments: to start again with our hearts, to go far. Together!

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