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The brand unveils the PINKO Galleria project (ENG)

PINKO makes its debut at Milan’s prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with a special project, celebrating the brand’s Italian heritage.

The Italian fashion house, known for its unique style mixing glamour and contemporary femininity, opens at the exclusive Milanese shopping location PINKO Galleria, a unique store featuring an exclusive, dedicated concept.

PINKO Galleria is not a simple extension of PINKO’s retail world, but a completely new project, carrying products that are not available in the brand's other stores and where the iconic Love Bags will steal the spotlight.

A bright shade of pink characterizes the design of the store, where exclusively Made in Italy products will be on sale. They will include special editions of the iconic Love Bags and a selection of ready-to-wear pieces showing special details.

The products available at PINKO Galleria feature a dedicated packaging, which includes customized labels and coordinated shopping bags.

In addition, underlining the link between PINKO and the city of Milan, special products created in collaboration with historical Milanese companies will be available for purchase every three months at PINKO Gallery. For the inauguration, the brand collaborated with legendary Pasticceria San Carlo to create a panettone showing a customized packaging.

For all those who will not have the opportunity to visit the physical store, PINKO has also conceived a digital extension of PINKO Galleria: a virtual store reproducing the interiors of the physical location, where users can purchase the exclusive products of the Milan shop.

The opening of PINKO Galleria reflects the company's strategy aimed at further developing its retail universe, that by the end of the year will also be enriched with two new PINKO boutiques: the first in Oceania, at the Westfield mall in Sydney, and the second in London at the iconic Battersea Power Station.

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