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Pinko is glad to announce the official launch of the 'Concierge project', which includes a series of exclusive services to make the shopping experience even more exciting and which at the same time guarantees an innovative, functional integration between phsyical and digital retail.

Pinko offers a personal shopper, who live from the boutique, will grant every wish of the customer, that will have the chance to see the clothes worn by a model, know more about prices and ask for styling tips.

Last but not least, Pinko also unveils the Surprise Box service, available only on invite and dedicated to a very selective Pinko club. The brand's fashion stylists will make a special selection of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories based on the customer's preferences. In keeping with its signature approach, focused on exploring new innovative and creative ideas, Pinko breaks the rule of tradition retail to offer a unique shopping experience based on personalization.



Pinko launches the new tshirt 'Italia ti amo'. It is a message of love and pride and a help to those on the front line. In fact, the total value of each shirt sold will be used to buy 6 coronavirus diagnosis tests that will be distributed throughout the territory.

This operation is the second step of a process started in the first days of the emergency.

We immediately launched the invitation to support local heroes, committing ourselves to helping those who seek to protect our communities.




"As many as 15 helmets for intensive care donated to the Vaio Hospital. In two weeks they were tracked down abroad, agreed in a project with the Municipality and the team of Vaio doctors and Ausl specialists and imported to Italy in record time. This is the story of Pinko, the international fashion giant that has Fidenza in its heart and continues to protect it.

Pinko "Not only was it a duty but it was an honor to be able to help the Vaio Hospital at this time and to do it with donations that are activated quickly and bring what is needed to the forefront of healthcare. Yes, because since the beginning of the covid-19 emergency this has been the thought of each of us. A thought consistent with Pinko's corporate philosophy that has always chosen to support its territory, rather than diluting interventions far from it. We have been there and this time too with simplicity and with a passion that has freed all of us, even among our collaborators, a great sense of belonging ".

The deputy mayor Davide Malvisi, deputy mayor who is coordinating the use of volunteers in various solidarity projects, has no doubts: "What Pinko has already done for the Vaio hospital and its patients is great news. But, as a Fidentino, let me say that it is also a confirmation of what this company believes with the facts in its roots and in its territory. We see it today and we see it all year round, because the attention, passion and attention to detail lavished on the Fulgor Basket project are there to prove it. I don't want to forget it because the day when we will find a normal life will come back and that day sport will help us to cure the shock of this war, starting from where we left off: to be a community”.

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