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This August, PINKO unveils the third REIMAGINE collection by Patrick McDowell, the brand's SUSTAINABILITY DESIGN DIRECTOR. After the success of the Winter 2020 and Summer 2021 collection, PINKO continues to invest in sustainable fashion.

Working in close collaboration with PINKO’s Creative Director Caterina Negra, Patrick uses PINKO’s archive pieces to create upcycled designs. Patrick has revived items from past seasonal collections and repurposed a selection of denim and taffeta fabric to rejuvenate iconic PINKO styles.

Inspired by fashion and style of the early 2000s, with a nod to the celebration and upbeat hope of the new millennium, Patrick reminisces back to when social media was at its inception. Mobile smart phones and portable technology entered our daily lives, and iconic personalities became viral across various media platforms. That celebration and hope for something new resonates with us now as the world reopens.

Patrick McDowell "I cannot forget how Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, Xtina created the glam around the tv shows, videos and the first era of social media. I have always been fascinated by the mass media effect and the music universe and I think it is a language very similar to fashion: versatile, creative and very fun."

The bold contrast of denim, jersey and taffeta are used to create extravagant volumes. The juxtaposition of strong colours and proportions are key in the new iconic styles of the season. This collection is a stylist’s dream as the garments can be paired together very easily. A simple T shirt with micro décor paired with high waisted trousers and a denim embellished jacket is a must have look from this collection.

Caterina Negra "It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Patrick. When he arrives in our offices, he is a creative machine, we share ideas, inspirations, and personal artistic views. He has this amazing ability to convert conversation into styles that I will wear every day. I love his energy, vision and capacity to create something sustainable and still being true with the PINKO DNA."

The collection brings back the 90’s spirit and new millennium energy, to create a wardrobe which is unique, urban, sexy and provocative. The new Reimagine collection offers the PINKO woman a strong modern identity, powerful yet ironic.

Using his signature design and embellishment techniques, Patrick has reimagined these garments whilst remaining true to the nature and glamorous aesthetic of PINKO.

The capsule collection includes mini handbags, with a romantic touch added by the pop red hearts.

The collection from this collaboration will be available on selected PINKO stores, from August 2021 and in London Selfridges.

Download images here.

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