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Not your average Zoom call / Shoot 7 for all mankind

The global pandemic inspired us to explore new ways to create.

With the help of video conferencing, we produced an innovative at-home

shoot to showcase our Pre Fall 20 collection.

The shooting

was directed remotely

in the home of our model, Masha.

Through her phone screen she provided us

with an intimate look into her life

and embraced all aspects of this new

approach to content creation.


Via virtual Zoom trips to Rome we were able

to scout locations in and around Masha’s home.

This ‘personal’ style of shooting was a natural

progression for us in the current climate

and has opened up new ways of working

and engaging with our community.

This stripped-back way of shooting allowed us to focus on the

silhouettes, shapes and unique details of each garment like

never before. From exposed button detailing to pleated denim,

covetable new additions to our womenswear collection will

redefine your everyday. In addition to timeless fabrics such as

corduroy, the line-up also includes two new fits in the guise of

the Culotte and the Straight.

The roof of Masha’s apartment building was an ideal setting.

The blue sky coordinated effortlessly with the styling, whilst the

industrial-inspired backdrop perfectly juxtaposed the ‘70s-inspired

silhouette and love-worn finishes of this nostalgically cool look.

Kind To The Planet:

we’re spotlighting beautiful products with a focus on sustainable materials, and practices that will reduce our impact on the

planet. By crafting our jeans with tencel and using eco-laundry techniques, we’re saving 7.000 litres of water per pair.

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