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New York, NY Februari 2022 - Canadian luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta and their eponymous label – Eckhaus Latta. With a focus on innovative engineering and subversive viewpoints, both brands have joined forces to develop a 10-piece collection that embodies Eckhaus Latta’s boundary blurring designs with Moose Knuckles’ Iconic Aesthetic. Through this collaboration, Moose Knuckles x Eckhaus Latta honors skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge experimentation in form and function.

“Mike and Zoe are incredible, fearless creatives, who inspired us with their beautiful work centered around craft and community. We saw a synergy there with Moose Knuckles, as we too strive to deliver our community fearless, functionable fashion. The collaboration with Eckahus Latta has been an artistic and technical exploration where, together, we reimagined our classic Moose Knuckles outerwear in new and inspiring ways, using techniques not seen in our collections before.”

- Joseph McGee, Vice President, Women’s Design, Moose Knuckles

Reimagining outerwear icons through the Eckhaus Latta lens, the versatile collection features a Moose Knuckles lightweight quilt blanket jacket, raincoat, and hoodie in muted tones of coconut milk, stretch limo and white asparagus. For the first time, the core of technology of the iconic Moose Knuckles jacket, RDS certified down, is seen clearly: the quilt pieces are cut in transparent nylon and filled with a light, hand-dyed melange down, giving a visual effect unique to this collaboration.

Down is traditionally used throughout Moose Knuckles outerwear but in this collection, it’s crafted in a new hyper-light form, disrupting the technical process and incorporating a bespoke blend of hand-dyed feathers in classic Eckhaus Latta silhouettes. Additionally, Moose Knuckles x Eckhaus Latta offers convertible windbreaker jackets and a matching pant donned as multifunctional separates.

“It’s always exciting for us to collaborate with a brand whose products are focused on a specific materiality and design vernacular. We’ve never made puffers, so the opportunity to explore this language with Moose Knuckles was really appealing — they are very open to experimentation,” explain Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, designers of Eckhaus Latta.

Eckhaus and Latta continue, “For this collaboration, we wanted to create storytelling that read capital “F” fashion, but in a subtly perverse and confusing way. Brianna, Matt and Eric’s combined sensibility around this was a perfect fit — everyone could bring their off-kilter perspectives to the table.”

Explore the collection beginning February 3 on and in selected european retailers including Breuninger and Julian Fashion. Prices range from € 375 to € 920.

The accompanying campaign was shot by Brianna Capozzi and styled by Matt Holmes, with art direction by Eric Wrenn.



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