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ICONIC. That's it. (ENG)

Antwerp, September 2022 - Iconic! That's the message. Since 1979, Buffalo has been an iconic brand on the streets. Known for bold silhouettes and chunky soles. For decades, the brand has responded to contemporary trends in the fashion world by making them its own with Buffalo's iconic DNA. So for the brand's latest campaign, Buffalo teamed up with Berlin-based creator Kickiyangz.

ATTENTION! Campaign photos for digital use only!

Diversity and a versatile personality are two traits that apply to creator Kickiyangz more than anyone else in the fashion industry. With a constant stream of innovative, eccentric looks, she presents a new face to her community with extravagant makeup designs and outfits while always staying true to herself and her style

Buffalo and Kicki, brand and creator, share important values that make them a perfect match. They proudly demonstrate these values as part of the new Fall/Winter 22 campaign.

The content focuses on new Buffalo icons, and Kicki's favorites: the silhouettes "Ava, Flora, Aspha, Riot & Lion," reflect the versatile design using Kickiyangz's different environments and looks - without disrupting the style of the brand or creator.

BUFFALO ICONS - € 129,00 BUFFALO ICONS - € 110,00

The collaboration makes a clear statement: Be who you are, now and always - reinterpret yourself every day, but stay true to your own iconic self.

ATTENTION! Campaign photos for DIGITAL use only!


PRESS CONTACT (not for publication):

Fashion Club 70 - Fashion PR

Enya Torrez

Ijzerlaan 54 - 56

2060 Antwerp

+32 495 34 97 53

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