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Fashion Club 70 becomes Fashion Club 71 (ENG)

As of December 1st, Fashion Club 70 is changing its name to Fashion Club 71. At least for a month.

Antwerp, November 2022 - Fashion Club 70 is celebrating. Yet during the month of December. For CEO Luc Dheedene turns 71 on December 7th. To celebrate the occasion, Fashion Club 70 will be renamed Fashion Club 71 for one month. During the last month of 2022, the Antwerp fashion company wants to highlight once again that Fashion Club 70 is a family business that is very proud of its heritage and founder.

Anyone who visits Fashion Club 70's impressive fashion showroom in December will probably want to rub his/her eyes for a moment. Because for an entire month, the fashion company will continue under a different name, namely Fashion Club 71. No mistake, but a deliberate move to put CEO Luc Dheedene in the spotlight.

That this action coincides with the start of a brand new fashion season is a happy coincidence, says Enya Torrez - Fashion Club 70 spokesperson: "We try to start every season big to make sure every retailer in BeNeLux knows they are welcome at Fashion Club 70. Due to the pandemic, last year we could not put our founder Luc in the spotlight as we should when a great businessman like Luc turns 70. Therefore, this year we decided to celebrate his 71st birthday in a big way and couple this with a rather striking action to kick off the new season."

Owner, founder and CEO Luc Dheedene started selling German brands on a few square meters in the Brussels Trade Mart in the 1970s. One day he got his hands on an Italian Vogue and saw the potential in Italian collections. He instantly fell in love with the typical craftsmanship and headed to Vicenza, Italy with his fiat 500 for the contract. Thanks to his love for - by now - big fashion brands such as Moschino, Versace and Ferré, Luc was the first to distribute them in the BeNeLux.

Five decades later, Fashion Club 70 represents more than 50 brands in the mid-high segment, allowing them to serve more than 1,700 stores across BeNeLux. In addition, the fashion company also started its own retail activities. That retail branch already includes three VERSO fashion boutiques specialized in the luxury segment, three 7 For All Mankind stores and four Liu Jo boutiques.

According to De Tijd, Luc is increasingly becoming a hospitality entrepreneur in addition to being a fashion entrepreneur. This is because Luc opened a fifth eatery with Fashion Club 70 earlier this year, the second with top chef Sergio Herman. In 2003, the family business opened its first eatery with VERSO Café as an extension of the luxury boutique, following the example of Fondazione Prada and Corso Como 10. Later followed Matterhörn, Matterhörn Sud, ice cream store Gelato Giuliano and also star restaurant Le Pristine. In 2022, this list was joined by the brand new Blueness Antwerp.

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