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Coccinelle Monogram EN

Press release

Coccinelle launches its Monogram through a new line in Jacquard textile. A graphic and distinctive sign that tells of iconic style thanks to an unmistakable design created by the weaving of plectrums, a detail of Coccinelle items that, as in a dance, create a round motif recalling the letter C. On the other hand, there is a line, the Monogram line, which talks about weaves and textures with a fabric that is the protagonist of this tale, created using a special loom that works on different levels and with two different yarns. Soft and natural colors are the protagonists that intertwine with each other giving lightness and celebrating the summer season: shades of wheat, sand and water. But also, more decisive palettes such as classic black and stone, which, combined with the gauzed effect of the base, enhance the texture. The leather details on the handles and on the tag, enrich the shopper and add a touch of craftsmanship.




PRESSCONTACT (not for publication):

Fashion Club 70 - Fashion PR

Cathérine van Erck

Ijzerlaan 54 - 56

2060 Antwerpen

+32 495 34 97 53

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