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After a year of deprivation, a year of being shut up indoors, in an altered dimension, this season’s advertising campaign is all about the importance of getting back to nature, to the most important and essential things, to a dimension of inner voyage and rebirth.

Representing the natural, innate elegance of the woman who needs no artifices, a story that adds value to what we ought to preserve. A voyage given concrete form in new images perfectly representing the new Coccinelle.

Refining the senses, so we don’t miss any of the beauty around us. The scent of a wildflower in a field. The colour of a clear blue sky. The spontaneous music of nature: the flowing of a stream, the murmur of the wind, the singing of the leaves, the trees, the blades of grass. Being open to the world, enjoying the little things that are the most important.

This is the point of view of the new Coccinelle FW 2021-22 advertising campaign, shot in the beautiful valleys around Bergamo, a place that came to symbolize the Covid-19 pandemic and, now, the rebirth of Italy.

Featuring the iconic Josephine and Coccinelle Beat bags, worn by French top model Lea Letard de la Bouralière: tapestry details, saddler’s trimmings, and the benefits of the unique plectrum fastening or bold golden metal trim.

“Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my scale of priorities, that is, what I consider necessary and what I find is superfluous for my serenity”, explains photographer Luca Campri, who also shot the brand’s previous campaigns. “One of the sensations I found I had been taking for granted was the simple joy of spending a day outdoors with the people I love. And I’m sure many of us feel this way”.

The focus in the campaign is on what you don’t see but can perceive: the strength of a tightly knit team of people, an affinity that brings energy to the photographs. Landscapes, including interior ones, in which Lea moves about confidently, aware that the team on the other side of the camera is with her: she is not alone, but free to improvise with the whole troupe, to depart the script, to enjoy her smile as she poses with farm animals such as the chicken, symbol of protection and rebirth.

This is the Coccinelle spirit for next Fall and Winter: bags with an air of easy elegance expressing a positive attitude to life. But also a specific idea of instinctive elegance. From rediscovery of the Italian countryside, where spontaneity and sincerity rule the day. Less rules, more emotions, as we raise our eyes to the horizon once again.

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