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Always be on the woman's side - EMBARGO UNTIL 6 SEPT

This is the "woman for woman" approach in which Coccinelle believes and with which it identifies, building an all-round vision of the future, without limits. A stereotype-free dimension where barriers fall, differences are celebrated, and natural beauty is encouraged. Where inclusiveness and self-acceptance rule the day. Values perfectly embodied in Barbie™, the world’s best-known fashion doll, much more than a toy, inspiring the Coccinelle for Barbie™ international project.

For over the years, Barbie™ has continued on her journey representing diversity and inclusion in fashion dolls segment, evolving to increasingly reflect the world girls see around them with the introduction of new and different looks and dolls. Barbie™ has become the mirror of different body shapes (Tall, Petite, Curvy), even including dolls with disabilities in the line.

"Barbie™ has always represented choice for women", in the words of Ruth Handler, the entrepreneur who created Barbie™: in her 62 years of life, Barbie™ has gone through numerous restyling, and today she inspires little girls to feel they can be anything they want.

These principles, the foundations of a community that firmly believes in the power of dreams, inspire the Coccinelle for Barbie™ manifesto bag, promoting the most important and necessary of messages: THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS.

Made of cool & strong nylon canvas, with leather handles celebrating the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and a grosgrain ribbon making a statement of conscious femininity, the Coccinelle for Barbie™ bag speaks to all women, up close and with urgency.

The words THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS stand out in graffiti-style characters on the bag, pink on black, black on pink. Determined, bold, timeless, pink is dear to both Coccinelle and Barbie™, an expression of their attitude. Together with black, it is the yin-and-yang of female empowerment: courage and sweetness, challenge and resilience, rebellion and kindness.

Inside the bag is a Barbie™ Pink label bearing the Coccinelle for Barbie™ thought: accepting ourselves in our diversity makes us stronger, masters of our future.And Barbie™ Pink, recognizable to all ages, in all languages and cultures, and at all latitudes, is the colour of the box containing the bag.

The slogan THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS is all over it: you read it on the outside and you find it again inside, on the bag peeking out through a clear window just like a Barbie™ doll.Our mission is clear: make noise. Because inclusiveness, self-acceptance and girl power are not just hollow words, sounding nice but meaning nothing.

The more the message is repeated, the more it gets around, the better!

An international project that will see the involvement of 25 countries around the world, international ambassadors who will tell their own story, launching a global message of inclusion and positivity.

Girls, teens, mothers, sisters, friends: a global sisterhood that broadens our horizons. Girls who go to school to build their future, the women who educate them, and all those who fight for all our rights, to eliminate the glass ceiling, to eliminate inequalities: long live the desire for change!





Note for (digital) press: preffered publication dates from 6th of September untill 9th of September.

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