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Back to the future. The flaming body of a Cadillac, the leather seats of a pink & creamy Thunderbird convertible. On the screen, images of an endless highway, a promise of fun and freedom, of longing for the future. In the air, the sweet scent of the night.

The Coccinelle Spring/Summer 2023 advertising campaign, under the creative direction of Giampaolo Sgura and styling by Anna Dello Russo, in their third project for the brand, is a tribute to the innocent, rebellious sensuality of the 1950s.

Set in a nighttime drive-in, it evokes the neorealist atmosphere of such cult films as "The Outsiders" and "American Graffiti," while reflecting the vintage-chic inspiration of "Grease" and "Happy Days."

Giampaolo Sgura depicts the tenderness of couples and friends and the desire for a new, rediscovered coziness. A pop-up party with popcorn and strawberry lipstick; cuddling in the parking lot, in a carefree and cozy mood

The co-stars in this neo-romantic black-and-white film are three Coccinelle bags. The Coccinelle Magic, a harmonious bag with a plectrum clasp inspired by Elvis Presley's rock'n'roll; the Coccinelle Sole bag with a rounded flap; and the emblematic Coccinelle Nico bag, featuring an oversized metal plectrum clasp as the main detail.

Three bags that, with the hashtag #ALLABOUTUS, tell the whole story of contemporary femininity as seen by Coccinelle: body-conscious, in love with freedom, glamorous yet instinctive, always up for new adventures



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