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A focus on joy and positivity

The idea of getting close to nature is the main trend for BSB this season. In a society where our relationships with life, the city, nature and people have changed and the boundaries around privacy, work and social life have become blurred, our needs are evolving for more comfort, mobility and inner life.

This season, you are welcome to explore the world of BSB JEANS through a timeless collection that reinforces the urgent need for spontaneous, exuberant creativity.

Dress - €110

Pullover - €75

Skirt - €115 Cape - €50

Dress - €90 Shirt - €125

Dress - €115 Coat - €175

Jacket - €175

Cardigan - €90

Direct link to Fashion PR with all images



PRESS CONTACT (pas pour publication):

Fashion Club 70 - Fashion PR

Barbara Soens

Ijzerlaan 54 - 56

2060 Antwerpen

+32 3 221 10 10

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