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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The L.A. denim brand has also made a big commitment to its own staff.

To help face this global challenge together, AG is donating $1 million to the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund.

They stands together as a community to endure, support, and heal one another.

AG's donation will go toward helping support community clinics and hospitals across the county scale up capacity, staffing, and implementation of COVID-19 testing.


From denim to masks

To support and protect the community, AG jeans has converted their facilities from creating denim to making masks. As a thank you to those who continue to support AG, these masks will be distributed free of charge with every order. The masks are pre-washed, fitted and washable. The masks of AG are made in the USA with imported fabrics.

This product is a “cloth face covering” which is recommended by the CDC for general use in public settings. It is not a replacement for medical-grade face masks or personal protective equipment.

AG makes a difference. They encourage everyone to do what they can: from staying at home and continuing essential services, to spreading awareness, or simply checking in on each other. That is how they continue to develop a community.


As the rapidly changing environment shifts every minute, AG is paying close attention to all recommendations made by the CDC to ensure that the AG family is taken care of and safe. To ensure the health of their employees at all levels of their supply chain, they are following all precautions: 6 feet of safe distancing, frequent hand-washing, incorporating multiple hand sanitizing stations, full sanitization of frequently used surfaces four times a day, and supplying masks, gloves, and aprons to staff. Not only have they created and sold the denim masks for the people in need, but also to ensure safety among the AG staff.



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